Stress Free Financing

Dealing with banks and lenders is stressful but doesn’t have to be. We hide the stressers from you. By looking out for you, explaining fully, simplifying the process while pointing out the pros and cons of each option you are assured that you are getting the right mortgage and rate for your situation. Then we handle all the back and forth and negotiating with the lenders on your behalf.

On top of that we act as a second set of eyes when you are making a purchase. We share our experience and expertise for situations where you might be entering into a transaction that could be fiscally harmful to you in the future. Few brokers and no banker will look out for you like we will.

But that doesn’t mean we can do it all on our own. We need your cooperation. At the start of the process we will provide you with a list of documents we will require for your unique situation. The sooner you get us the required up front documents as well as those needed once we have a conditional approval, the less stressful we can make that typical 5 day subject removal period.