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We work for our clients, not the bank. We are committed to giving you the best advice, rate & solution for your unique situation even if we don't get paid. That is our promise.

We are a team of Mortgage Professionals and support staff with over 25 years of combined experience in financial services.

While our clients tend to interact primarily with only one of our experienced Mortgage Professionals, that Pro is backed up by other Pros and support staff to ensure our clients receive unparalleled service, experience, guidance and support from the first call through the life of their mortgage.

Put us to work for you for free.

Why Use a Mortgage Professional?

There are generally two ways to get a mortgage in Canada: From a bank, or from a licensed mortgage professional.

The bank rep works for the bank and their job is the make the bank as much money as possible by charging you as much as they can without losing your business.

As a mortgage professional we work for you. We only get paid when we place your mortgage and we get paid pretty much the same from all lenders. While we need to get paid to keep the lights on and be available to help you next time around, there is little benefit to us charging you a higher rate.

Not all mortgage products are equal and we will explain and point out the caveats of less desirable options if you ask about one or if we are recommending one. When was the last time any salesman for a business (ie bank) told you all the bad things about their own products?

We only stay in business when you come back to us each renewal and refer you friends, family and associates. For those reasons you can trust that we will always put you before our pocket book.


Arranging a mortgage is easy. If you just want to order up a mortgage at the lowest rate option and aren't concerned about how much it will actually cost, we can do that.

If you want to ensure you spend as little as possible in interest and costs by getting the right mortgage for your situation, it takes understanding of your past, current and potential future situation.

To guide you to the right mortgage with the lowest long term costs, we follow a specific process.

Step1 Understand Your Goals
Step2 Take Your Application
Step3 Team Review
Step4 Present and Explain
Step 5 Arrange Approval
Step 6 Your Broker For Life