Dominion Lending Centres – Mountain View

Dominion Lending Centres (DLC)

The DLC group of mortgage companies is the largest originator of mortgages in Canada in both the mortgage broker channel AND all the big banks. DLC is now made up of three brands: Dominion Lending Centres, Mortgage Centre and Mortgage Architects. Combined the three brands count:

  • 4800 Mortgage Agents
  • Control ~ 40% of the broker channel
  • Over 32 Billion in annual mortgage volume (as of 2015)

Started in 2006, Greg Viger joined DLC as about the 15th agent to sign on.

DLC Mountain View

DLC Mountain View is the largest DLC brokerage office in Greater Vancouver by agents and second largest by volume with over 50 agents. Our brokerage size combined with being part of DLC puts us in a significant position to benefit our clients by having:

  • Top tier status with lenders
  • Additional leverage when seeking exceptions
  • Access to limited access rate specials and mortgage products
  • Dedicated Underwriters
  • Frequent Lender Rep Presentations & Information
  • Office Deal Help & Solution Support
  • Extensive Private Fund Options
  • Short Term Deposit Loan Options

Conveniently located in central Coquitlam at Austin & Mundy we are minutes from Highway 1 and well situated to serve clients across the lower mainland.